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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a faster and gentler way to remove unwanted hair with long lasting results.  It applies precisely controlled pulses of energy, reaching deep into hair follicles that lie beneath the skin.  The energy heats the hair to the bottom of the root, destroying it without damaging surrounding tissue or skin.

All treatments are priced single or pre-pay package of Buy 5, Get the 6th Free

Abdomen:     $200/$1000                      Arms & Hands:     $325/$1625

Back:     $475/$2375                             Bikini & Inner Thigh:    $150/$750

Bikini:     $135/$675                              Brazilian:     $225/$1125

Chest:     $250/$1250                            Chin:     $60/$300

Ears:     $50/$250                                  Face & Neck:     $315/$1575

Feet:     $75/$375                                   Full Face:     $150/$750

Full Legs:     $475/$2375                         Half Back:     $285/$1425

Hands:     $70/$350                                 Inner Thighs:     $125/$625

Lip & Chin:    $110/$550                           Navel:     $70/$350

Neck:     $150/$750                                  Nose:     $50/$250

Shoulders:     $150/$750                           Sideburns:     $60/$300

Torso:     $450/$2250                                Underarms:     $125/$625

Upper or Lower Arms: $150/$750               Upper Lip:     $50/$250

Upper or Lower Legs:  $250/$1250  

Underarms & Bikini:     $225/$1125    

Underarms & Brazilian:     $325/$1625

Exilis Skin Tightening & Body Contouring

Exilis body contouring and tightening treatments produces a rapid but controlled heating of the skin and subcutaneous regions. The Exilis device is continually monitoring and cooling your skin to prevent overheating. Lower focused energy plus active skin cooling equals a marked reduction in discomfort with no sedation or local anesthesia required. Exilis radiofrequency stimulation unwinds and breaks old fatigued collagen bonds and stimulates your body to make new collagen. The end result is a tightening of the treated skin and a reduction in wrinkles. Your body may take up to 3 months to complete its new collagen production, so maximum benefits may not be seen for several months, though most patients see results sooner.  


Area                            Single                  Package of 2

                                Treatment            Pre-Paid Discount

                                   Price                        @30% off


Full Face                    $750                     $1050

Full Face/ Neck         $850                     $1190

Neck                           $350                      $490

Eyes                           $250                       $350

Lower Face                $550                      $770

Lower Face/ Neck     $650                      $910


*Exilis body treatments are done in “zones” each zone is approximately 5 x 7 inches. Due to the powerful energy used by Exilis, one to six zones can be treated in a session.

This treatment protocol allows great flexibility in customizing treatments and controlling costs for you!

Knowing the size of a zone can help you estimate how many you may want to have treated. Some average numbers of zones by body part are as follows:

      •Abdomen & Love Handles: 2-4 Zones

      •Front of Thighs: 4-6 Zones (2 – 3 per leg)

      •Back of Thighs: 4-6 Zones (2 – 3 per leg)

      •Saddlebags 2-4 Zones (1 -2 per side)

      •Arms: 2-4 Zones (1-2 per arm)

Planning the zones to be treated and the creation of a re-shaping plan is key to achieving quick and effective results. A consultation will help us determine the number of zones you may need to have treated to accomplish your goals Consultation is required to clearly define zones on each individual client.


Exilis                         Single                      Pre-Paid

Treatment                Treatment          Package Series of

Zones                          Price                    4 @25% off


1-2                             $350                            $1050

3-4                            $550                            $1650

5-6                            $700                            $2100




1-2                             $250

3-4                            $400

5-6                            $540


Vanquish Fat Removal


Vanquish is an exciting new technology for non-surgical fat removal. It uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to gently heat the fat, without even touching the skin.  Vanquish is FDA-approved and can be used on all skin types.  Typically, it is used to treat the abdomen, but it also can work for "bra fat" and "back fat".  


A series of 4-6 weekly treatments are performed, with each treatment lasting 30 minutes.  Typically, the treatment feels like a heating pad has been placed over the area being treated.  There's no needles, no freezing, and no recovery time.


Vanquish                     Single                        Pre-Paid

Treatment                Treatment               Package Series of

                                   Price                           4 @40% off


                                   $600                           $1640


Buy 4 Treatments Get 1 FREE!




Photofacials treat sun damaged skin in a fast, effective, and simple procedure that lightens pigmentation caused by sun exposure and alsorejuvenates skin by improving tone and texture.  Small facial veins can also be targeted and treated during photofacial treatments.  Generally four treatments are required for best results spaced 3-4 weeks apart.


Area                                             Single               Prepay Package of

                                                   Treatment              3 Treatments

Face (includes neck)                     $275                   $700 (save $125)

Neck                                               $150                   $375 (save $75)

Upper Chest/Decolettage             $275                   $700 (save $125)

Face/Neck/Chest                          $450                 $1175 (save $175)

Nose (spider veins/redness)        $125                   $325 (save $50)

Hands                                             $150                  $375 (save $75)


Spider Vein Treatment


Our lasers will treat a variety of vascular problems including Rosacea, facial veins, and spider veins on the legs and ankles.  

Starting at $150 per treatment

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