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LipoMelt Anti-Cellulite Treament

(1 hour) Starts at $99


  • Natural LipoMelt® Treatment

    • Relieves stress with aromas & botanicals

    • Rebuilds & increases circulation

    • Combats Spider Veins

    • Fights free radicals

    • Skin surface polishing

    • Fat drainage stimulation

  • Treatment Recommendation

    • Treatment package + daily homecare set + lifestyle consultation

      • Clientele Necessities to Successfully Combat Cellulite

        • LipoMelt® Anti-Cellulite Treatment

        • Exercise

        • Diet & Hydration

        • Client should come in every week or every other week for their in spa treatment session.

        • Home care set includes:

          • 1 Grapefruit Body Polisher (Use dry on cellulite and as a exfoliating wash on rest of body in the shower)

          • 1 Self-Heating Contouring Cream (Apply 1-2 times daily on cellulite)

          • 1 Moisture C Recovery Complex (Apply over contouring cream daily)



Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap


Thermo-Active gel is applied to the desired areas for fat elimination. This gel, created by SlimSpa, produces heat to activate your metabolism and increase circulation. This heat creates an effect which dissolves and breaks down fat in the targeted area due to the increase of body heat. Thermo-Active Gel produces heat, to activate the metabolism and increases the body's circulation. This can help areas of the body where there is greater deposit of fat and cellulite. 


Starting at $69

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